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Hair Removal Cream Rose

Labolia Hair Removal Cream is a smell-free formula comes with anti darkening properties which remove your hair naturally and without pain leaving your skin feels soft and supple.

Perfume Body Spray Dude

There are pollutants in industrial smoke, vehicle exhausts, smog that you might encounter on a daily basis while commuting. The Activated Charcoal Face Wash comes with an antitoxin formula that removes excess oil, dirt, chemicals that revives your skin's radiance. Aloe Vera extracts in it to give smooth and nourished skin which will likewise make your skin moisturized.

Shaving Foam Classic

Labolia Shaving Foam- It is time to change your old shaving cream with HUNK SHAVING FOAM. Get the smashing look with this shaving foam that gives a perfect clean shave sans the cuts and irritations along with a creamy texture that is easy to spread. The shaving foam is made with a herbal mix of Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil and Orange Extract that helps keep the skin moisturized, fights dryness and keeps it smooth.

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